Manage and Update Your Garmin Device

Stay Up to Date

Desktop notifications and step-by-step instructions make it easy to update your devices.

Map Updates

Get the latest detailed street maps to ensure fast, accurate navigation. Express notifies you when map updates are available and helps you install them.

Software Updates

Express makes software updates easy to install. Get convenient desktop notifications when it’s time to update your device.

Chart Updates

Download the latest charts to a memory card and make your time on the water safer and more enjoyable.

Golf Course Updates

It’s fast and simple to get the latest free CourseView maps and updates for your Garmin golf device.

Register Your Device

Quickly register your device with just an email address.

Download Content

Manage free and paid content, including Connect IQ apps and accessory maps.

Manage devices from your desktop.

Garmin Express is a computer application for easily setting up, registering and managing your Garmin device.

Experience Garmin Express

GPS technology has deeply penetrated every aspect of our lives. It’s seamless presence can be felt everywhere from roads to sky; from personal devices to professional gears. It’s ever increasing demand indicates the widespread influence of this stunning technology. Manufacturers of a wide range of products make use of this technology. Garmin is one of the leading champions of this technology. Garmin specializes in producing consumer, professional aviation, and marine devices based on GPS (Global Positioning System) for navigational assistance. Devices such as handheld GPS units, in-vehicle units, wearable trackers like watches are much common. But the list of its product range is endless.

Garmin Products

It offers some wonderful products covering Automotive, Sports and Fitness, Outdoor Recreation, Marine, Software Applications, Sensors, Wearables, Cameras etc. in other words, it got you covered for all your needs that can make possible use of GPS technology. All such GPS based devices need to be regularly updated with aps, software, charts etc. for optimum usage. It is usually a time consuming and tiring process and gets further complicated in case of multiple products. Due to this reason, Garmin came up with a unique software by the name Garmin Express. It is the most versatile desktop application that offers a one stop hub to manage all your Garmin devices from your computer. This one-time setup is easily available from

Benefits Of Garmin Express

You can use it for product registration, device updates, pre-loaded map updates, syncing fitness data with Garmin Connect with compatible products etc. Creating backup copies becomes superfast and easy with Garmin Express.Besides this, you can also install voices and vehicles for free, as well as download product manuals. A simple click of your mouse keeps your maps auto-updated for accurate information on the road. Device that have multiple routes and directions recorded can become very complicated and frustrating. Simply save those files to your computer using

Additionally, you get access to all all the special offers, notifications and direct reach to product support. The best part of the experience is that it will save all the information even if it is closed or your device isn’t connected to the computer. This means you are always updated and in complete control of your devices. It is compatible with recent versions of Windows and Mac OS based systems. However, you can still make sure if your PC is supported or not by checking system requirements specified at This software’s primary use is to configure and install the required updates. It offers its users easy management of all their GPS gadgets. They can download and install it from and set up devices in minutes only.

What Does It Offer?

It is the perfect solution to manage all your Garmin devices. There is a lot that you can do with this software. But mostly, it offers below mentioned uses.

User Friendly Interface

The softwares interface is amazingly simple, quick and user friendly. It doesn’t bother you with useless information to keep things simple. You are given just the most needed buttons or controls to keep you in charge of your devices. The controls are self explanatory to stay away from any sort of confusion. In other words, it saves you from any unnecessary complications or frustration. All that you are required to do is simply connect your device and follow some straightforward instructions prompted by the application.

Map Updates

Garmin Device Maps should remain updated for fast and accurate navigation. Our surroundings keep evolving really fast these days with constant change in routes, directions, addresses etc. Garmin Express simplifies this task for you. It keeps you notified as and when there are updates available for Maps. It further assists you in installing those updates without any hassle.

Chart Updates

Besides maps, you can easily download, store and update charts with Garmin Express. You can safely store the downloaded charts on your memory cards to make your journey smooth and enjoyable.

Software Updates

Softwares of Garmin Devices must be regularly updated from time to time to keep them functioning properly. It is a daunting task to check for available updates and install them on regular basis. Any lapse in doing so can hamper the functioning of your Garmin Device. Desktop notifications for Garmin Express assists you in keeping track of all the available updates. Moreover, installing these updates is equally quick and simple.

Golf Course Updates

Garmin Express ensures your Garmin Golf Device remains updated for any changes in the maps. It also provide you with free Courseview Maps to enhance your experience with the device.

Sync With Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect is yet another software application to manage Garmin Devices by mobile users. It is a vast community of online users of Garmin Devices who share their experience and achievements. You can upload your activities and wellness data to your Garmin Connect account using Garmin Express to stay connected.

Register Your Device

You are required to Register your device with the manufacturer before you could start using it. It is a complicated process which expects you to supply with a lot of information again and again. With Garmin Express, the entire process is simplified. You just need your registered mail id to quickly register your device.

Download Data

It empowers you to effortlessly download and manage free and paid content, including Connect IQ apps and accessory maps.

How To Use Garmin Express?

As we have got a brief overview of what this wonderful application offers to enhance and simplify our overall experience. It keeps the softwares and maps of your Garmin Devices up-to-date with utmost ease. Now the question arises How to Use it? well , it is quite a simple and quick procedure. You must follow these simple steps to get the needful.

  1. First and foremost, you need to download and install it from It allows download for both Windows and Mac. Hence, choose the appropriate link for downloading. Once it is done, run the setup file and follow instructions to complete installation.
  2. Now connect your Garmin Device to your computer by means of USB cable.
  3. Garmin Express automatically detect the connected device. The detected device will appear on your screen. Simply click the available Add Device button on the window to initiate the process.
  4. Follow instructions as prompted by the wizard to complete the connection.
  5. Thereafter , Garmin Express will show any updates pending for installation. If updates are available, simply click the Install button and you are good to go. You may note that it might take few hours to complete all updates. Hence, leave your system On for the same.
  6. It will also keep you aware of the used and available storage space on your Garmin Device.

Sync with Garmin Connect

Use Express to upload your activities and wellness data to your Garmin Connect™ account.


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